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CopperDog 150 Looking for Leaders to Join Team

The CopperDog 150 is an entirely volunteer organization, and right now we need a few more. Three key leadership positions are presently vacant and it is important that we fill them before fall, 2017, so we can plan and execute the 2018 race. Please consider offering your time and skills for one of these positions. If you are interested please send an email to

Race Director

The Race Director is responsible for overall direction and administration of the competitive races within the CopperDog 150 event. Duties include registering and communicating with mushers, determining race trails and securing land-use permits, supervising the trail crew, organizing veterinarians, and enforcing timing, rules, and regulations. The Race Director will need to work closely with other members of the CopperDog team including the Community Coordinator and Resource Director. Direct reports to the Race Director include the Trail Boss, Chief Timer, Chief Veterinarian, and Safety Coordinator.

The approximate workload for this position is 5 hours/month in June-Aug, 20 hours/month Sept-Dec, and 40 hours/month Jan-Feb plus race weekend.

IT Manager

The CopperDog 150 organization maintains a web-based IT system that is used for marketing, organizing volunteers, promoting sponsors, and documenting the race trail route and checkpoints using GPS data. The IT Manager is responsible for either maintaining the legacy system or implementing a new system, and then administering this system.

The approximate workload for this position is TBD. If a new system is implemented this work must be completed prior to December.

Marketing Lead

The CopperDog 150 markets the event to spectators, competitors, and sponsors. The Marketing Lead will be responsible for establishing a marketing plan and producing content and copy for the media outlets. Marketing activity should include social media, print, radio, and television.

The approximate workload for this position is 10 hours/month Oct-Dec, and 20 hours/month Jan-Feb.

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CopperDog Community Appreciation Night

Volunteers, Sponsors, Mushers & Fans...

Please join us for our 2017 Community Appreciation Night!

Friday, March 17, 7 - 9PM @ Calumet Elks Lodge, 25701 Wedge Street

You are AWESOME - Please join us to celebrate your great work for CopperDog!

Free food and coffee sponsors by Aspirus with appetizer fare by John Koskiniemi, and special CopperDog desert by Pat's IGA. Win door prizes - apparel and gift cards from our sponsors. CopperDog swag will also be on sale. Have fun socializing with your fellow CopperDog people. There will be music, fun, and some talk to pump you up for next year!

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2017 CopperDog 150 Winners

Congratulations to Anny Malo for taking 1st Place in the eighth annual CopperDog 150!

Anny (in maroon in the picture below) has the distinctions of being the first Canadian and first female musher to win the CopperDog 150. Anny took away the top spot leading Ross Fraboni by only 2 seconds over 136 miles and 10 hours of racing.

Anny is from Saint-Zénon, Québec, Canada, having a kennel of 70 dogs. After doing sprint racing in Québec in the beginning of 2000, her team started looking for longer races.  They have been a part of the central-Canada circuit since 2005 with the World Championships in The Pas, Manitoba. They have participated in the Wyoming Stage Stop, Open North American Championship, Can-Am Crown, and other races. They love being with our dogs and racing them. They travel, whole family in tow, to wherever a race may take them.

From race weekend...

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2017 CopperDog 80 Winners

Congratulations to Geni Minard for taking 1st Place is in the CopperdDog 80!

This is Geri's first 1st Place win in her mushing career.

Geri has been running dogs for 17 years. She became interested in sled dogs after going on a sled dog day trip in Bayfield, WI. She spent the next year handling for a kennel before buying her first sled dog. Geri and her husband Rick have a small kennel of 11 dogs. They have finished the UP200 twice, CopperDog 150 three times, Midnight Run twice, and have also finished the IronLine, Apostle Islands, Pellston Icebox, TCSDR, and Geri's very first race - a three dog sprint in Cannon Falls, MN. Her leaders are Shale and Siggy. In addition to running dogs Geri enjoys trail running and run various races in the "off season." Her sponsors are Superior Health & Wellness, Joe & Bonnie Bennett, Dale & Deb Hardy, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Bak, Dr. Hilary Newby, and Dave & Joan Coven.

From race weekend...

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FLASHBACK TO 2016: CopperDog 150/80 Champions!

Another exciting weekend of outdoor adventures comes to a close. The annual CopperDog 150 exists to bring people and organizations together to accomplish great feats and have a really great time; adventure for everyone involved. To everyone involved we say thank you for another exciting CopperDog 150.


2016 CopperDog 150 Champions!

We proudly present the champions of the CopperDog 150 professional sled-dog competition. This grueling 3 day, 130 mile competition is not for the faint of heart.  Congratulation and hope to see you back next year to defend your titles!

1st Place - Dennis LaBoda (2 consecutive years)
2nd Place - Martha Schouweiler (Copper Harness Award)
3rd Place - Frank Moe
4th Place - Jake Golton
5th Place - Frank Holmberg
6th Place - Rita Wehseler
7th Place - Joanna Oberg
8th Place - Eli Golton
9th Place - Larry Fortier
10th Place - Thad McCraken

Red Lantern (Last Place) -  Tm Chisholm

Sportsmanship Award - Blair Braverman


2016 CopperDog 80 Champions!

We proudly present the champions of the CopperDog 80 recreational sled-dog competition. This grueling 2 day, 82 mile competition is not for the faint of heart; and take another look, women owned the race this year. Congratulation ladies and hope to see you back next year to defend your titles!


1st Place - Mallory Sturmer
2nd Place - Lynn Witte
3rd Place - Alex LaPlante
4th Place - Chrissie Bodznick
5th Place - Geri Minard

Red Lantern (last place) - Randy Foust

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Volunteer Now for the 2017 CopperDog 150!


Volunteer registration is now open or the 2017 CopperDog 150 and CopperDog 40 sled dog races this coming March 3 - 5, 2017.  There are literally hundreds of shifts and positions to fill and we need your help.  Interested?  Just take a look at the 2017 Volunteer Schedule, find something that suites your liking and click sign-up for as many shifts as you want.  If you do a lot of volunteer, please watch out for overlap conflicts in your schedule.

Register a Couple, Group, Team, etc.

When you register more than just yourself for a volunteer shift, you become responsible to bring all of the people you indicated.  Kids age 14 and over are considered able bodied volunteers, but there must be at least one adult (18+) on each shift.  Kids 13 and younger are welcome to volunteer, but do not count towards the minimum number of volunteers that must be present. Volunteering is fun for the entire family, we just need to make sure that our bases or covered to provide a safe event for all.

Buggy Wuggy

Our volunteer system is a home brew and can be a little buggy from time to time.  Please let us know if this happens to you, if the system doesn't work as expect, or you just have ideas on how to improve it.  Send an e-mail to Todd Brassard with a description of the problem.  Cut and paste the error if you can.

Are You a Newbie?

Volunteering for CopperDog is ridiculously easy!  And working a shift or three CopperDog weekend is a lot of fun.  Please just thousands of people who have discovered that volunteer is the best way to experience CopperDog weekend!  And THANK YOU for the help!

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Race Dates through 2020

The CopperDog Board of Directors pleased to announce official race dates from 2017 through 2020, selected in collaboration with the UPSDA (UP200 & Midnight Run).

Official Race Dates:

  • 2017: March 3 — 5
  • 2018: March 2 — 4
  • 2019: March 1 — 3
  • 2020: February 28 — March 1
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