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CopperDog 80/40/35 Champions

Know the names of past CopperDog 150 Champions as they are the teams to beat. Since there are small alterations to the race routes each year, performance is show as average miles per hour rather than overall time.

Year Musher Team State Final
2010-CD35 Saffron Hooper-Kay Caribou Creek Racing Team MI 12.07
2011-CD35 Monte Simmons Doe Creek Kennel MI 10.79
2012-CD35 Jerry Trudell Sharks Come Racing... MI 11.38
2013-CD40 Martha Schouweiler Otter Run Kennel WI 13.98
2014-CD40 Matt Sturmer Deepwoods Husky Dogs MI 11.47
2015-CD40 Matt Sturmer Deepwoods Husky Dogs MI 12.01
2016-CD80 Mallory Sturmer Deepwoods Husky Dogs MI 11.64
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