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Veterinary Technician - Meghan Marks, CVT, ACC/VLCC/ABMC

Meghan Marks has been involved with Sled dogs since 2000, that is 17 years of volunteering at races! After many trips to Alaska and Canada to help care for dogs during races and working on research projects, she is more content to stay closer to home these days. It has been fin for her to watch the new races in the last 5 to 6 years as they continue to grow in the Midwest, including the IronLine and CopperDog. She participates in many sled dog races including the Ironline, the UP200, and of course Copperdog.

When Meghan is not playing in the snow, you can find her kayaking. Luckily she has friends who are willing to start as soon as the ice melts and go until they freeze. She suggests that one might be suprised to find out how much gear can actually be shared between the two sports. Meghan has 2 cats and 2 sassy terriers, one with three legs and one naked, that keep her in line.

My favorite part of any race, besides helping dogs finish happy and healthy, is seeing my sled dog family, old friends, making new friends and getting lots of HUGS.

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