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CopperDog 150 Looking for Leaders to Join Team

The CopperDog 150 is an entirely volunteer organization, and right now we need a few more. Three key leadership positions are presently vacant and it is important that we fill them before fall, 2017, so we can plan and execute the 2018 race. Please consider offering your time and skills for one of these positions. If you are interested please send an email to

Race Director

The Race Director is responsible for overall direction and administration of the competitive races within the CopperDog 150 event. Duties include registering and communicating with mushers, determining race trails and securing land-use permits, supervising the trail crew, organizing veterinarians, and enforcing timing, rules, and regulations. The Race Director will need to work closely with other members of the CopperDog team including the Community Coordinator and Resource Director. Direct reports to the Race Director include the Trail Boss, Chief Timer, Chief Veterinarian, and Safety Coordinator.

The approximate workload for this position is 5 hours/month in June-Aug, 20 hours/month Sept-Dec, and 40 hours/month Jan-Feb plus race weekend.

IT Manager

The CopperDog 150 organization maintains a web-based IT system that is used for marketing, organizing volunteers, promoting sponsors, and documenting the race trail route and checkpoints using GPS data. The IT Manager is responsible for either maintaining the legacy system or implementing a new system, and then administering this system.

The approximate workload for this position is TBD. If a new system is implemented this work must be completed prior to December.

Marketing Lead

The CopperDog 150 markets the event to spectators, competitors, and sponsors. The Marketing Lead will be responsible for establishing a marketing plan and producing content and copy for the media outlets. Marketing activity should include social media, print, radio, and television.

The approximate workload for this position is 10 hours/month Oct-Dec, and 20 hours/month Jan-Feb.

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