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Happy Healthy Campaign

Since the inception of the CopperDog, our motto has been "Happy healthy dogs! Happy healthy mushers!" and we try our best to make this motto more of a lifestyle than a catchphrase. In addition to the dogs and mushers, we also strongly advocate for community vitality. Part of organizing our sled dog event involves spending a significant amount of time working with all of the communities in the Copper Country.

As we've been cruising around this winter we have crossed paths with all sorts of traffic - ranging from traditional winter sports like snowmobiling and skiing to bicyclists riding their new snowbikes and we have even come across the occasional broken-down car or truck. At first glance the aforementioned events seem to have nothing in common with dog sledding but we do share a very important common interest - safety. The wintry roads can make for dangerous conditions at times so we're starting a "Happy healthy community!" campaign to raise awareness for motorists to think twice and slow down when they come across snowmobilers, stopped vehicles, snowbikers, skiers, dog sledders, or any other unexpected events on the roadways.

That said, if you see someone in town wearing a copper colored ribbon, please let that be a reminder to keep your eyes peeled while driving and to slow down if you are approaching any trail crossings or traffic. If you would like to join the campaign, you can get a copper ribbon at our Lead Dog Sponsor, River Valley Bank, or you can come to our Volunteer Training this Sunday in Calumet.

Thanks for helping to keep our community a happy and healthy community!

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