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Handcrafted Cooler donated by Bob Kichak

Mr. Bob Kichak from downstate Livonia, Michigan has used his creative talents to support many local community organizations (such as the Lake Linden schools). Bob creates custom cooler furniture. The cooler contains a conventional cooler inside a pine wood cabinet with legs. The cooler is adorned with handles and a convenient retro bottle opener. Made of pine, the overall cooler is lightweight, so it can be transported to your campsite, your camp, or your tailgating location.

What makes this piece of furniture unique to the CopperDog, you might ask? Please go ahead and ask. The lid of the cooler is custom airbrushed by the artist and Bob's neighbor in Livonia, Mr. John Lang. Mr. Lang has personalized the cooler for the CopperDog 150 race.

Silent Auction

You can be the proud owner of this Bob and John's practical and quite useful work of art and quality craftsmanship by participating in the silent auction the week of the race. The cooler will be on display in the merchandise area in Calumet Friday night. There will also be a chance to bid on this one of a kind creation on Saturday in Calumet and then at the Banquet after the race.

All Proceeds from the auction go to the CopperDog150!

Chair not included in sale. Shown to help visualize the size of the Kichak Customer Cooler. But, you probably already figured that out.

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