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A well attended All Volunteer Training Session- fun and serious

About 150 people attended the All Volunteer training. Tom Bauer our dedicated musher and Brian Donnelly our equally dedicated volunteer director educated our volunteers on team handling, safety, leaving our pets at home, making sure you wear proper attire, no Yak Traks or equivalent if you are working a crossing or handling dogs.

Tom Bauer reviewed the parts of the sled. Explained to volunteers how to handle teams, how to fall away from the sled if you lose your balance, how to stop a runaway team. Crossing leaders picked up their packets that include safety vests, which must be worn and the red/green stop and go card. Only police offers are allowed to stop traffic. For us this means that our crossing volunteers need to signal the mushers to stop if there is oncoming traffic. The crossing packets and the website have details on crossing procedures.

Volunteers were reminded by Kiko, the Chief Timer of the CopperDog, to make sure to check your start times on the website. For crossings - the times shown are calculated from past race statistics and represent the fastest a team would arrive at the crossing. Since a musher could be on a record pace, please try to arrive a bit earlier than the time shown (10 to 15 minutes should be fine), otherwise a fast musher might be met with no crossing protection. We recommend having you follow the race on either the Copperdog website or Facebook. Brian Donnelly also reminded volunteers that winter temperatures that are good for us might be too warm for the sled dog teams. The race could be started early if there are predictions of warm weather for any of the stage starts - so pay attention to the website and Facebook for updates.

Brian Donnelly our Volunteer Coordinator presenting to a standing room only crowd

Tom Bauer, musher and educator extraordinaire(left), Chief Timer - H.A. "Kiko" de Melo e Silva with our Resource Director, Renee Cunningham

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