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Stage 1 (Friday night) Trail Reroute eliminates crossings - IMPORTANT

Our warm weather with ample sun created snow coverage issues on a major portion of the Stage 1 race route on trail 124. This forced race officials to reroute the race onto a section of trail known as Old 124. Stage 1 is now 5.1 miles shorter. Volunteers need to check the Volunteer system for revised crossing times and eliminated crossings.

A new crossing [138] has been added where Old#124 trail crosses Lake Linden-Gay Road. The following crossing have been eliminated.

Crossing 140 Lake Linden-Gay Rd. Eliminated due to reroute

Crossing 150 Big Traverse Rd. Eliminated due to reroute

Crossing 160 Lake Linden-Gay Rd.Eliminated due to reroute

Crossing 165 Gay Turn About Trail Eliminated due to reroute

The following Google Map links should help all participants in the CopperDog - volunteers and spectators. These maps show the update race route.

2018 CD150/CD80 Stage 1

2018 CD150 Stage 2

2018 CD150 Stage 3 / CD80 Stage 2

2018 CopperDog Places

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