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Community Appreciation Night Postponed until Summer

Volunteers, Sponsors, Mushers & Fans...

After lengthy discussion between our Board of Directors and our Race Planning team we have decided to postpone the community appreciation night honoring and celebrating all the volunteers that make the CopperDog possible until this summer.

One Idea is to have a barbecue after life has returned to normal.

We are all quite disappointed, but believe that it is best to follow the guidelines set out by government agencies to minimize the spread of the coronavirus at this time. Hopefully, this summer's event will be unencumbered by the current public health concerns so we can call enjoy and celebrate the successful CopperDog 2020 that you all made possible.

Please be safe. We will all be together soon to reminisce and celebrate a great 2020 event as we prepare for an even better 2021 CopperDog.

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CopperDog 150 Race Race Results

Congratulations to Martha Schouweiler for back to back CopperDog 150 wins. She was followed closely by Ryan Anderson and Jake Golton.

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Save the Date!

Be sure to mark your calendars for the 12th (yes the twelfth! wow!) running of the CopperDog sled dog races

February 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2021

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @CopperDog150

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CopperDog 80 Race Results

Congratulations to Andrea DeBoer for winning this year's CopperDog 80 race. Lynne Witte finished second, followed by Alex LaPlante who finished in third place, and Jerry Trudell in fourth place.

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CopperDog 150 Stage 2 Standings

The second stage of the CopperDog 150 is now complete. Joanna Oberg is our leader 3 minutes and 5 second ahead of Ryan Anderson. Closely behind Ryan are Joann Fortier, Martha Schouweller, and Jake Golton. It should be an exciting finish to the race Sunday, March 1st. Stage 3 starts in Copper Harbor at 8:30am concluding in downtown Calumet in the early afternoon.

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CopperDog 25 Race Results

Ben Thompson won this year's CopperDog 25 in what was an extremely fast race. All musher's finished.

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CopperDog 150 Stage 1 Standings

Here are the official standings in the CopperDog150 race after Stage 1. Stage 2 will be underway in a few minutes from Eagle Harbor.

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CoppeDog 80 Stage 1 Standings

Here are the CD80 Standings after Stage 1. Stage 2 will start from Copper Harbor at 8:30AM on Sunday. All are invited to attend both the start (Copper Harbor) and finish (Calumet) on Sunday. Please join us!

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Movie - The Great Alaskan Race at the Calumet Theatre

You don't want to miss! the showing of the movie The Great Alaskan Race Saturday, February 29th, at 5:30pm at your Calumet Theatre. The cost is only $8.00

After overcoming personal tragedy, widowed father and champion musher Leonhard ‘Sepp’ Seppala steps in the midst of a diphtheria outbreak in his small dock town of Nome, Alaska to safely deliver the anti-toxin to the hospital. With his own child’s life on the line, Sepp battles the impossible, accompanied by his trusty pack of sled dogs. When a severe winter storm has made it impossible journey for planes, trains, or any form of transportation, Sepp and his dogs are able to get the anti-toxin to the children in need, just in the nick of time.

Buy Tickets here at the Calumet Theatre

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The Great Alaskan Race Educational Bundle is Here!

P12 Films, Iditarod Trail Committee, and the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon have partnered up to present an EXCLUSIVE 3-FILM educational bundle that takes you through a unique experience of the dog mushing world. This collection includes the feature film The Great Alaskan Race and two short documentaries: Iditarod’s Why Do They Run? and Lure of the North produced by Jonathan Chapman and presented by The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. You'll also find an Interactive Educational Video and Special Features (see list below).

1. The Making of The Great Alaskan Race

2. Behind-the-Scenes with The Iditarod

3. Beargrease Kick Off Video

4. Mushers Review The Great Alaskan Race

When you purchase your copy of the DVD here a portion of the proceeds goes back to support The CopperDog 150!!

Click here to see a short trailer from the movie

Click this link to Purchase the DVD Bundle

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Incredible Bank once again our Lead-Dog Sponsor!

The CopperDog is pleased to accept the lead dog sponsorship check from Jamie Thyrion, Market Manager at Incredible Bank (formerly Rivervalley Bank) in Calumet. Jamie is once again serving as the CopperDog150 Resource Director this year. IncredibleBank has been a strong consistent supporter of the CopperDog150 race for all eleven years. The bank does much more than make a donation. The race relies on Incredible Bank facilities in Calumet to support the race. Many people from across the bank's branches in the Copper Country also volunteer to support the race.

Thank you Incredible Bank!

Pictured from left to right are Doug Harrer (CD Board Chair), Kelly Probst (CD Board), Jon Koskiniemi (CD Board), Kim Pici (CD Board Vice chair), Heidi Gervais (Incredible Bank), Walt Kiiskila (CD Board Treasurer), Skylar Grathoff (Incredible Bank), Jamie Thyrion (Incredible Bank and CD Community Coordinator), and Jay Aldrich (Incredible Bank)

What Is CopperDog?

Hey! Let’s organize a sled dog race!

That’s what a small group of people said in 2009, and from that initial idea the CopperDog 150 and CopperDog 40 sled dog races were born.

Both races usually run the first weekend in March. The CopperDog 150 features teams of ten dogs and covers 150 miles in three days, while the CopperDog 40 featured teams of six dogs and covered approximately forty miles in one day. The first weekend in March finds 350+ dogs racing through Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula.

The CopperDog 150, and now the CopperDog 80 and CopperDog 25 instead of the CopperDog 40, are organized by CopperDog, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization located in Calumet, Michigan, a small town in the middle of the Keweenaw Peninsula – a narrow finger of land on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that juts into the middle of Lake Superior.  With an average annual snowfall of 241 inches it’s the perfect place for... well, a sled dog race.

Since its beginning the CopperDog races have attracted mushers from around the world. While many mushers come from the Midwest, each race usually has several Canadian mushers competing – and in 2011 and 2012 a musher from South Africa competed.

CopperDog is definitely a labor of love. It is an entirely volunteer operation, with more than 500 volunteers helping to put the race on. Local residents help mushers with their dogs, provide housing, and oversee trail crossings. Local police and fire departments volunteer their time to man all highway crossings and ensure the safety of all volunteers and participants. On its business end, CopperDog, Inc. is run by an unpaid volunteer board of directors.

CopperDog is more than just two sled dog races. In addition to promoting community vitality through sled dog racing, CopperDog strives to provide education on the history and sport of sled dog racing. Numerous public events – such as classroom visits, volunteer training, “Meet the Dogs” events, and free sled dog rides - are held throughout the year.

CopperDog is always looking for new volunteers. If you’d like to work with a great group of people and be part of one of the MOST FUN winter events you’ll ever see, please contact us. We can’t do it without you!

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2019 CopperDog150 Race Results

Another CopperDog 150 race is in the books with Martha Schouweiler, a previous CD40 winner coming in first just ahead of Ryan Anderson, followed by Rita Wehseler in third place.

Click here to see official race results

CD150 Race Results

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2019 CopperDog80 Race Results

Another CopperDog 80 race is in the books with Jerry Trudell, a local Calumet, Michigan resident, this year's winner. Followed closely by an impressive second stage finish by Alex LaPlante and Lynn Witte.

Click here to see official race results

CD80 Race Results

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