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Save the Date!

Be sure to mark your calendars for the 12th (yes the twelfth! wow!) running of the CopperDog sled dog races

February 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2021

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CopperDog 150 Stage 2 Standings

The second stage of the CopperDog 150 is now complete. Joanna Oberg is our leader 3 minutes and 5 second ahead of Ryan Anderson. Closely behind Ryan are Joann Fortier, Martha Schouweller, and Jake Golton. It should be an exciting finish to the race Sunday, March 1st. Stage 3 starts in Copper Harbor at 8:30am concluding in downtown Calumet in the early afternoon.

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CopperDog 80 Race Results

Congratulations to Andrea DeBoer for winning this year's CopperDog 80 race. Lynne Witte finished second, followed by Alex LaPlante who finished in third place, and Jerry Trudell in fourth place.

posted on 3/1/2020 4:46 PM by Kiko de Melo e Silva | permalink | Back to Top

CopperDog 150 Stage 1 Standings

Here are the official standings in the CopperDog150 race after Stage 1. Stage 2 will be underway in a few minutes from Eagle Harbor.

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CoppeDog 80 Stage 1 Standings

Here are the CD80 Standings after Stage 1. Stage 2 will start from Copper Harbor at 8:30AM on Sunday. All are invited to attend both the start (Copper Harbor) and finish (Calumet) on Sunday. Please join us!

posted on 2/29/2020 8:52 AM by Kiko de Melo e Silva | permalink | Back to Top

CopperDog 25 Race Results

Ben Thompson won this year's CopperDog 25 in what was an extremely fast race. All musher's finished.

posted on 2/29/2020 9:01 AM by Erin Barnett | permalink | Back to Top

Volunteer Training Videos Available

This year we recorded the Volunteer Training Sessions that were held this past weekend thanks to the donation of time and equipment by Shorewaves.

Indoor Portion of Training Session 2020-02-22

Outdoor Portion of Training Session 2020-02-22

Volunteer Waiver Form

Please remember that each volunteer must sign the waiver form.

Please leave your pets at home for their safety. Thank you.

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A tale of two logos

Our original logo, what we now are calling the "classic" logo (please Coca-cola don't sue us) was created for the CopperDog by Jess Brassard. The logo permeated the race, the Copper Country, and regional mushing for a decade and will continue on as part of the unique identity of the CopperDog 150.

Thank you Jess and Amber for your contribution!

As part of our tenth running of the CopperDog 150 in 2019, we asked Amber Voght, our graphics designer, to come up with a refreshed look for our logo, while maintaining consistency of design with Jess' original design

Now during our second decade as a race, we are fully embracing Amber's logo as our primary logo, while maintaining our classic logo.

Why keep two logos?

One of the primary reasons for keeping two logos is to preserve as much of the signage and banners as possible. The CopperDog150 is made possible by our generous sponsors. We try to use the sponsorship money conservatively and responsibly. Besides, we still really like Jess' logo and value her contribution to the race. The classic logo is part of Copper Country and Mushing history. Sponsor's with banners along the snow road can take pride in their classic logo banner as a sign of the number of years they have sponsored the CopperDog race. It can be seen as a badge of honor. Of course, any sponsor wanting to move to the new logo can simply let us know for next year.

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Happy Health Dogs - No dogs allowed

The CopperDog race has some great superstars. Yes, we all know the dedication and hard work the “humans” put into this sport, but I am talking about the “4 –legged” Superstars- the dogs. Coined by our Senior Race Advisor Todd Brassard, one of the phrases you may hear during race weekend is “Happy Healthy Dogs”. With a team of skilled veterinarians, as well as a group of mushers that know how to care for these athletes, CopperDog is continuously trying to live up to just that…happy, healthy dogs.

These animals’ health and welfare is one of the highest priorities. Throughout race weekend, the veterinarians on staff work to make certain that these animals are in healthy condition and that no one places them in jeopardy.

We here at CopperDog would be remiss, if we did not do our part, to assist in striving to keep these animals safe and healthy during the race. We want everyone to come out and enjoy race weekend. It’s an exciting event that, thanks to the communities in and surrounding the Keweenaw, we should all be proud of.

We want to keep the dogs out of harm's way so here are a couple of tips for doing just that- Please keep “Fido” at home. We here at CopperDog love dogs. But during race weekend, keep your pets at home. It is distracting for the sled dogs and can be a health risk for them as well. Sled dogs live, function, and run with a pack mentality. Seeing a dog on a leash close by can disrupt this balance. We also want to keep the community pets safe; we do not want anyones’ beloved bow- wow to get into a situation that could potentially cause harm to them. Please do not come to the race, planning to feed the dogs. These animals are on very specialized diets that their mushers and handlers work hard to devise and maintain. (No hot dogs for these canines during race weekend!)

So hopefully we will see you all race weekend and remember safety first… please leave your pups at home.

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First Baptist of Calumet furthers their service to CopperDog150

First Baptist Church of Calumet and Laurium is furthering their involvement this year in the CopperDog 150 by providing trash receptacles and clean up for the Calumet stage of the race. For several years now the wonderful folks at First Baptist community have helped build the snow road, the starting gate, and help with tear down. This is an incredible amount of hard work that is vital for the race. We couldn't do it without them.

If you would like to volunteer to help with setup of the snow road, snow fence, or the tear down please sign up on the Volunteer page of the website.

Pastor Tony Laidlaw is returning in his third year as Community Coordinator for the CopperDog150.

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Please, do not bring your dog (or worse, cat!) to a sled dog race.

Reminder! Please Leave Pets at Home

Please, do not bring your dog (or worse, cat!) to a sled dog race. If you have one with you leave it in your car or someplace away from the race. Remember, a musher handling several dogs cannot be responsible for the safety of your pet.

Also, keep your toddlers in hand. Eager dogs, ready to run, may leap or rear-up in anticipation, and it would be unfortunate to have an accident that was the fault of nei other dog nor child. Lines connecting the teams and chains attached to tied-out dogs can be dangerous to a child.

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Thank you Copper Country and Calumet! A successful fundraiser

The Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser held Saturday February 1st at the Elk Lodge in Calumet was a huge success. Funny thing was we had no clue what to expect. We had considerable support from our media sponsors: radio ads, live radio, the newspaper, as well as facebook but it is difficult to gauge interest and participation. The Wednesday before the race - the board members made a friendly wager about the number of attendees. Our guesses were as low as 75 and as high as 250!

This event came about through our Strategic Planning Committee. This committee has been tasked with thinking of our future, immediate and long term growth. The Spaghetti dinner fundraiser was selected as a way to maximize donations as most of the costs for the event would be absorbed by sponsorship donations. Turns out the committee made a great decision!

It started off at 10 am Saturday morning with a few of us starting the noodles and getting the sauce warmed up. Getting brownies cut and coffee set up. Our merchandise team showed up with our new apparel and our other helpers showed up at 2pm. Now we knew it was show time. 3pm they started pouring in, slow at first but let me tell you what. Our community showed up! Noodles and the homemade sauce was flying out of the roasters. At some points Rich and I had a hard time keeping up. Good stuff though! 6pm came about and we had just two cups of sauce left when 2 to go’s came in at 6:02pm. Success!!! We ran out of everything and served over 275 people who paid. We served another 15 helpers so we are calling it 300. I know the math doesn’t add up but with all of the taste testing leading up to 3pm, I am perfectly confident that we hit 300.

Our community is the best!!! Reflecting yesterday during the Super Bowl I was unable to stop thinking about the support that our community gives the wonderful event. From our volunteers to our different community’s that continue to show support blows my mind. They just keep showing up every year! From the sign up on the website for volunteering, coming to and filling our volunteering training, standing at road crossings till midnight and later, putting up snow fence, being one of the 4,000 that show up down town Calumet Friday night for the start, showing up to the Saturday human dogsled race, showing up to our finish and finally enjoying our volunteer appreciation. I have a hard time even typing this about our community without getting a bit misty eyed.

CopperDog150 loves our Community, you are truly the best!!!

In the next news item on the fundraiser we will list all those wonderful people who made this event possible.

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Race director announces 2020 CopperDog

CALUMET — CopperDog 150 will begin on Friday, Feb. 28, this year, and conclude on Sunday, March first, Jeff Foss told the Village Council last Tuesday.

Foss, race director of the annual dog sled race, addressed the Village Council at its regular meeting and said he put together a proposal for the consideration of the trustees’ consideration.

“As we do every year, we plan to close down Fifth Street with our snow road,” he said.

The proposal calls for the construction of the snow road to begin at 3 a.m. on the day of the race, then have it removed by 4 p.m. on March 1.

As in past years, the organization will also contribute $1,000 to the village to defray the cost of installing the snow road. CopperDog will have a private contractor remove the road on Sunday.

The proposal also includes a list of side streets requested for closure, which are Scott, Portland, Oak and Elm streets. Foss said there is a defined time frame in which those streets must be closed. The times would be approximately 3-10 p.m. on Friday, then again on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at which time the contractors would remove the snow road.

The race purse this year is $26,000 for first through 10th places, with First Place being awarded $7,500. The goal is for 25 registered teams.

Foss told the council that race organizers last year anticipated a turnout of approximately 4,000 spectators, and they are anticipating around that number again, contingent on weather conditions.

“This has been an on-going thing, and it keeps growing every year,” he told the council. “It dips up and dips down a little bit, depending on the weather, but I think we hit pretty close to 5,000 at our peak so far, and I don’t see that going anywhere.”

Village President Dave Geisler told Foss that CopperDog is the best thing that happens all year to the village.

“I’ve talked to business owners,” Foss replied, “and they’ve said it’s by far their biggest money maker of the year.”

Trustee Doug Harrer said there was is one thing he wanted everyone to understand from the beginning.

Normally, we’ve donated more money,” said Trustee Doug Harrer. “We’ve donated for police coverage in the past, but of course, this year we don’t have police coverage, so we took that out, and I believe we’ve given $12 or $1,400 in the past, donated to the village.”

Harrer said he has suggested to Foss, and to the council, that the amount be decreased this year, because the village’s contractors build the snow road.

“They do a lot of work for us, and generally what happens is we’re using a few dump truck loads, and that’s about it,” explained Harrer. “We’re really not using our equipment as much as we have over the years. So, just so everyone knows, just so everyone’s clear, it’s about $400 less than what we did last year.”

The council voted unanimously to adopt the proposal.

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Spaghetti Dinner exceeds expectations

CALUMET — Saturday’s CopperDog 150 spaghetti dinner fundraiser was an enormous success that far exceeded hopes and expectations, said Doug Harrer, CopperDog 150 Chairman of the Board said.

“We were expecting maybe 150 people for the event,” he said, “and more than 300 came out.”

Initially, Harrer was hoping the event would raise approximately $2,000 after expenses, but the huge turnout brought in about $4,000 after expenses.

Harrer had said on Thursday that the organization’s budget was a bit short this year, and the board decided a spaghetti dinner would be a good way to raise some of the necessary funds. Thanks to a generous public, he said, the event went far better than expected.

“We sold out,” said Harrer. “We didn’t run out of food, we had enough, thank God, but we did sell out.”

The Daily Mining Gazette will publish an update to this story once the Board records its information.

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Remembering - Duane Bennett

Duane Bennett passed away July 31st, 2019. Duane and his wife Joni returned to the Copper Country, which enabled them to participate in three CopperDog race seasons. Joni continues to be an active participant and important volunteer for the race. Despite suffering debilitating injuries as a result of military service and having his life cut short by cancer, Duane managed to live a full and active life.

Duane and Joni were active mushers themselves for over thirty years. The love of the dogs was what attracted them to the sport. Duane went on to be Race Director of the UP 200 in Marquette.

Joni reported that their biggest kennel was 17 dogs of Siberian and Alaskan Huskies. Duane always said the female dogs were better because they listened to the musher.

Joni fondly recalls Duane reporting that during a race in New Hampshire the temperatures kept rising so much so that all of the men finished the race without shirts on!

Duane was a Korean War Veteran who sustained injuries while serving on a Naval Aircraft Carrier. A hero in many ways.

Duane Mushing

Duane in service to sled dog racing

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CopperDog150 race veterans do well in the UP 200

The 2020 UP 200 Jack Pine 30

Congratulations! to three of our CopperDog150 veterans for their success in the UP200 JackPine race: Susan Serafini (Hancock) came in first, followed very closely by Jerry Trudell (Calumet), followed by Jesse Quayle (Champion) who came in third. It is simply amazing how close these finishes are at times.
Susan Serafini is the 2020 Jack Pine 30 Champion

The 2020 UP 200 Midnight Run

Congratulations! Wow how is this for a story. Looks like Joann Fortier will have the bragging rights around the dinner table for awhile after winning the UP200 Midnight Run. In second place? Her husband Larry who was just two minutes behind her. The Fortier's CopperDog veterans put on a great show for UP200 fans. Mike Bestgen came in third..
Joann Fortier wins 2020 Midnight Run

Keweenaw Mountain Lodge trials winter cabin rentals

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is trialing winter cabin rentals this year. The reports so far have been very positive. In fact, the cabins are available to be rented for the weekend of the CopperDog race. If you are interested in staying at a cabin this winter give the friendly staff at the mountain lodge a call on 906-289-4403, Ext 1

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge just south of Copper Harbor is a historic resort that is a must see on any trip to the Copper Country. Now privately owned and maintained, the lodge has seen significant improvements as part of a multiple year project.

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Incredible Bank once again our Lead-Dog Sponsor!

The CopperDog is pleased to accept the lead dog sponsorship check from Jamie Thyrion, Market Manager at Incredible Bank (formerly Rivervalley Bank) in Calumet. Jamie is once again serving as the CopperDog150 Resource Director this year. IncredibleBank has been a strong consistent supporter of the CopperDog150 race for all eleven years. The bank does much more than make a donation. The race relies on Incredible Bank facilities in Calumet to support the race. Many people from across the bank's branches in the Copper Country also volunteer to support the race.

Thank you Incredible Bank!

Pictured from left to right are Doug Harrer (CD Board Chair), Kelly Probst (CD Board), Jon Koskiniemi (CD Board), Kim Pici (CD Board Vice chair), Heidi Gervais (Incredible Bank), Walt Kiiskila (CD Board Treasurer), Skylar Grathoff (Incredible Bank), Jamie Thyrion (Incredible Bank and CD Community Coordinator), and Jay Aldrich (Incredible Bank)

Our newest Assistant Race Director will be headed to Alaska to mush!

Our own Maddie Harrer, Assistant Race Director, will be heading to Alaska shortly after the CopperDog150 sled dog race concludes. Let's hear about how this came about in Maddie's own words.

Maddie tells the story, "Back in June I was scrolling through Facebook and came across an article that the Copperdog Facebook actually shared. I also heard about it through Lynne Witte. It was titled “Girls to Mushers”. I thought it sounded interesting so I clicked on it. I read the article a few times. The article said that The Last Frontier Mushing Co-op was giving the chance to four girls to mush in Alaska for three days. In order to be considered you have to write a letter about yourself and your experience with dogs. I thought why not give it a shot? So I asked my parents and they both knew I was going to get it. I wasn’t so sure at that point. I texted some musher friends and asked for help with writing my letter. After about two weeks of finalizing my letter it was ready. I talked about my hobbies, school, and one of my favorite classes in school. I went into depth about Copperdog and how I grew up with the race like it’s a sibling. I preached about . As that is the Copperdog motto. I also talked about my experience with PJ Olsson’s Rock Camp and how that camp and Copperdog have brought me out of my shell. I submitted my letter and had to wait a little over a month to find out if I got selected. We got an update saying they upped the number of girls from four to six. I thought it would increase my chances. The day came when we would find out if I got it or not. They finally announced that they had to push the announcement two days. I started school on that day. I waited anxiously. My sister, cousin, and I were just about to go to the movies when my mom called me. My mom sounded mad. She told me to put her on speaker so my sister could hear. She then said to go look at Facebook. I knew right away I got it. I screamed with my cousin and sister in a parking lot. It was so crazy to think that I did it. My letter expressed them and I’m going to Alaska. T- 109 days till Alaska and T- 103 days till CD150."

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Incredible Bank featured on Keweenaw Report

The Keweenaw Report featured an article on the Incredible Bank being the Lead Dog sponsor for the 11th year. Thanks! Incredible Bank, Jamie Thyrion (from Incredible Bank who is the CopperDog Resource Director), and all the great folks at Incredible that volunteer and support the race!

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Opportunities to buy CopperDog Merchandise

CopperDog 150 merchandise will be available at the following times and locations

December 14th12:00pm to 2:00pmKid's Sled Dog Rides - Agassiz Park, Calumet, MI
February 21st9:00am to 3:00pmLobby of UPHS Portage Hospital in Hancock, MI
February 22nd11:00am to 1:00pmVolunteer Training, Calumet High School
February 28th8:00am to 11:30amIncredibleBank Calumet MI
February 28th12:00pm to 2:00pmMusher Welcome Luncheon Calumet Theater
February 28th5:00pm to last dog leaves Calumet
Under canopy of Cafe Rosetta
February 29th11:00am to 4:00pmCopper Harbor Welcome Center
March 1st3:00pm to 6:00pmAwards Banquet, Sacred Heart Church, Calumet, MI
To be Determined Volunteer Thank you event

New this year Travel Mugs and Water Bottles

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CopperDog 150 Race Race Results

Congratulations to Martha Schouweiler for back to back CopperDog 150 wins. She was followed closely by Ryan Anderson and Jake Golton.

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