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Keweenaw Mountain Lodge trials winter cabin rentals

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is trialing winter cabin rentals this year. The reports so far have been very positive. In fact, the cabins are available to be rented for the weekend of the CopperDog race. If you are interested in staying at a cabin this winter give the friendly staff at the mountain lodge a call on 906-289-4403, Ext 1

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge just south of Copper Harbor is a historic resort that is a must see on any trip to the Copper Country. Now privately owned and maintained, the lodge has seen significant improvements as part of a multiple year project.

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Incredible Bank once again our Lead-Dog Sponsor!

The CopperDog is pleased to accept the lead dog sponsorship check from Jamie Thyrion, Market Manager at Incredible Bank (formerly Rivervalley Bank) in Calumet. Jamie is once again serving as the CopperDog150 Resource Director this year. IncredibleBank has been a strong consistent supporter of the CopperDog150 race for all eleven years. The bank does much more than make a donation. The race relies on Incredible Bank facilities in Calumet to support the race. Many people from across the bank's branches in the Copper Country also volunteer to support the race.

Thank you Incredible Bank!

Pictured from left to right are Doug Harrer (CD Board Chair), Kelly Probst (CD Board), Jon Koskiniemi (CD Board), Kim Pici (CD Board Vice chair), Heidi Gervais (Incredible Bank), Walt Kiiskila (CD Board Treasurer), Skylar Grathoff (Incredible Bank), Jamie Thyrion (Incredible Bank and CD Community Coordinator), and Jay Aldrich (Incredible Bank)

Our newest Assistant Race Director will be headed to Alaska to mush!

Our own Maddie Harrer, Assistant Race Director, will be heading to Alaska shortly after the CopperDog150 sled dog race concludes. Let's hear about how this came about in Maddie's own words.

Maddie tells the story, "Back in June I was scrolling through Facebook and came across an article that the Copperdog Facebook actually shared. I also heard about it through Lynne Witte. It was titled “Girls to Mushers”. I thought it sounded interesting so I clicked on it. I read the article a few times. The article said that The Last Frontier Mushing Co-op was giving the chance to four girls to mush in Alaska for three days. In order to be considered you have to write a letter about yourself and your experience with dogs. I thought why not give it a shot? So I asked my parents and they both knew I was going to get it. I wasn’t so sure at that point. I texted some musher friends and asked for help with writing my letter. After about two weeks of finalizing my letter it was ready. I talked about my hobbies, school, and one of my favorite classes in school. I went into depth about Copperdog and how I grew up with the race like it’s a sibling. I preached about . As that is the Copperdog motto. I also talked about my experience with PJ Olsson’s Rock Camp and how that camp and Copperdog have brought me out of my shell. I submitted my letter and had to wait a little over a month to find out if I got selected. We got an update saying they upped the number of girls from four to six. I thought it would increase my chances. The day came when we would find out if I got it or not. They finally announced that they had to push the announcement two days. I started school on that day. I waited anxiously. My sister, cousin, and I were just about to go to the movies when my mom called me. My mom sounded mad. She told me to put her on speaker so my sister could hear. She then said to go look at Facebook. I knew right away I got it. I screamed with my cousin and sister in a parking lot. It was so crazy to think that I did it. My letter expressed them and I’m going to Alaska. T- 109 days till Alaska and T- 103 days till CD150."

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Incredible Bank featured on Keweenaw Report

The Keweenaw Report featured an article on the Incredible Bank being the Lead Dog sponsor for the 11th year. Thanks! Incredible Bank, Jamie Thyrion (from Incredible Bank who is the CopperDog Resource Director), and all the great folks at Incredible that volunteer and support the race!

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Opportunities to buy CopperDog Merchandise

CopperDog 150 merchandise will be available at the following times and locations

December 14th12:00pm to 2:00pmKid's Sled Dog Rides - Agassiz Park, Calumet, MI
February 21st9:00am to 3:00pmLobby of UPHS Portage Hospital in Hancock, MI
February 22nd11:00am to 1:00pmVolunteer Training, Calumet High School
February 28th8:00am to 11:30amIncredibleBank Calumet MI
February 28th12:00pm to 2:00pmMusher Welcome Luncheon Calumet Theater
February 28th5:00pm to last dog leaves Calumet
Under canopy of Cafe Rosetta
February 29th11:00am to 4:00pmCopper Harbor Welcome Center
March 1st3:00pm to 6:00pmAwards Banquet, Sacred Heart Church, Calumet, MI
To be Determined Volunteer Thank you event

New this year Travel Mugs and Water Bottles

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