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COVID-19 Safety Plan

Covid-19 Safety Plan

CopperDog Covid19 Pandemic Update

December 31st, 2020

Update on CD150 and COVID-19

We are in communication with local and state health departments regarding the 2021 CopperDog150 race. Under the current Covid-19 restrictions in place for the state of Michigan, CopperDog 150 may not be able to take place. As these restrictions change, we are monitoring restriction changes and are moving forward in the race planning process.

A final decision regarding the race will be made by February 3rd to ensure all materials, lodging and expenses can be refunded if necessary.

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2021 CopperDog Race Changes Announced

Hello CopperDog Race Fans!

Due to the pandemic there are many changes that will occur this year that we want to share with you:

Friday evening start will happen in Eagle Harbor with only one race.

There will be no other events or fireworks Friday night.

CD150 Race Format: 8 dog/10 dog pool & 110 miles

Friday: Eagle Harbor – Copper Harbor

Saturday: Copper Harbor – Copper Harbor

Sunday: Copper Harbor – Eagle Harbor

CD25 Race Format: 6 dog & 13 miles

Saturday: Copper Harbor – Copper Harbor

No additional events are planned before, during or after the race.

We are encouraging race fans to follow the race online. Details will be announced in February.

Volunteers, mushers, and others in attendance must adhere to the COVID safety plan set in place (available online),

The race trail will be mostly in the woods with minimal crossings.

There is no guarantee that the race will happen.

All changes were made with the input of the communities involved, both past and present.

Parking will be very limited and no open warm public spaces will be available in either community.

All merchandise will be sold online.

We appreciate all of you for being a part of CopperDog through the years. Changes were made for the health and safety of our volunteers, mushers, officials and community members. We truly hope this is a temporary change for the race and appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time in history.

Happy Health Dogs - No dogs allowed

The CopperDog race has some great superstars. Yes, we all know the dedication and hard work the “humans” put into this sport, but I am talking about the “4 –legged” Superstars- the dogs. Coined by our Senior Race Advisor Todd Brassard, one of the phrases you may hear during race weekend is “Happy Healthy Dogs”. With a team of skilled veterinarians, as well as a group of mushers that know how to care for these athletes, CopperDog is continuously trying to live up to just that…happy, healthy dogs.

These animals’ health and welfare is one of the highest priorities. Throughout race weekend, the veterinarians on staff work to make certain that these animals are in healthy condition and that no one places them in jeopardy.

We here at CopperDog would be remiss, if we did not do our part, to assist in striving to keep these animals safe and healthy during the race. We want everyone to come out and enjoy race weekend. It’s an exciting event that, thanks to the communities in and surrounding the Keweenaw, we should all be proud of.

We want to keep the dogs out of harm's way so here are a couple of tips for doing just that- Please keep “Fido” at home. We here at CopperDog love dogs. But during race weekend, keep your pets at home. It is distracting for the sled dogs and can be a health risk for them as well. Sled dogs live, function, and run with a pack mentality. Seeing a dog on a leash close by can disrupt this balance. We also want to keep the community pets safe; we do not want anyones’ beloved bow- wow to get into a situation that could potentially cause harm to them. Please do not come to the race, planning to feed the dogs. These animals are on very specialized diets that their mushers and handlers work hard to devise and maintain. (No hot dogs for these canines during race weekend!)

So hopefully we will see you all race weekend and remember safety first… please leave your pups at home.

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A tale of two logos

Our original logo, what we now are calling the "classic" logo (please Coca-cola don't sue us) was created for the CopperDog by Jess Brassard. The logo permeated the race, the Copper Country, and regional mushing for a decade and will continue on as part of the unique identity of the CopperDog 150.

Thank you Jess and Amber for your contribution!

As part of our tenth running of the CopperDog 150 in 2019, we asked Amber Voght, our graphics designer, to come up with a refreshed look for our logo, while maintaining consistency of design with Jess' original design

Now during our second decade as a race, we are fully embracing Amber's logo as our primary logo, while maintaining our classic logo.

Why keep two logos?

One of the primary reasons for keeping two logos is to preserve as much of the signage and banners as possible. The CopperDog150 is made possible by our generous sponsors. We try to use the sponsorship money conservatively and responsibly. Besides, we still really like Jess' logo and value her contribution to the race. The classic logo is part of Copper Country and Mushing history. Sponsor's with banners along the snow road can take pride in their classic logo banner as a sign of the number of years they have sponsored the CopperDog race. It can be seen as a badge of honor. Of course, any sponsor wanting to move to the new logo can simply let us know for next year.

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Remembering - Duane Bennett

Duane Bennett passed away July 31st, 2019. Duane and his wife Joni returned to the Copper Country, which enabled them to participate in three CopperDog race seasons. Joni continues to be an active participant and important volunteer for the race. Despite suffering debilitating injuries as a result of military service and having his life cut short by cancer, Duane managed to live a full and active life.

Duane and Joni were active mushers themselves for over thirty years. The love of the dogs was what attracted them to the sport. Duane went on to be Race Director of the UP 200 in Marquette.

Joni reported that their biggest kennel was 17 dogs of Siberian and Alaskan Huskies. Duane always said the female dogs were better because they listened to the musher.

Joni fondly recalls Duane reporting that during a race in New Hampshire the temperatures kept rising so much so that all of the men finished the race without shirts on!

Duane was a Korean War Veteran who sustained injuries while serving on a Naval Aircraft Carrier. A hero in many ways.

Duane Mushing

Duane in service to sled dog racing

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