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Snow Fence on Move…

Snow Fence on the Move...

This past Wednesday amidst winter's first snow fall, a tough team of Board Members and Volunteers resolved themselves to move the huge pile materials for the Calumet snow fence (about 3,500lbs of lumber, 350lbs of metal, and 50lbs of nylon fencing) from its summer home to its new home for the winter. 

An enthusiastic CD150 supporter, volunteer, worker, planner, and Trailblazer, David Rheault generously stored all of the lumber, poles, and fencing since the conclusion of the 2011 race. With winter finally sinking its teeth into the Keweenaw, David recommended that we move everything to a more accessible location, his placed was going to be buried in snow soon enough.  Once we arrived on the scene, we knew David was absolutely right. Moving that lumber was going to be a hundred times harder come February before the race.

Enter Paul Lehto and the Calumet Township, who is not only allowing us to store the materials in the Township Garage, but also provided us with a Township twin-axle trailer to move everything.  That's move everything to a location that is only 2 blocks from 5th Street!  We could not ask for a better situation.  The next time the fencing will see the light of day is when its picked up by our volunteer army to be deployed down a half-mile of snow road.

Although CD150 planners are getting pretty good at planning a sled-dog race, planning the move of our snow fence was just a bit problematic.  Despite the plethora of Michigan Tech engineers who showed to help heave lumber, we managed to load the tailor without centering the 3,500lbs load over the axles.  The tongue was sunk so far into the ground we ended up unloading the trailer and starting over.  It just goes to show, even the best minds can overlook the most obvious problems.  I suppose we were spending too much time socializing and trying to knock each other over. 

The job is done and we are very excited to have the fence ready to role out for race weekend.  Interestingly enough, the materials we own are only about half of what we need to fence the entire road.  We borrow the rest of the lumber, poles, and fencing from Michigan Tech, who is kind enough to help us out.  We all band together in the U.P., that's how we get things done.

Okay, so who wants to volunteer to help set up a snow fence on March 2 or take it down on March 4?  Come on now, don't be shy.

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