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Opportunities to buy CopperDog Merchandise

CopperDog 150 merchandise will be available at the following times and locations

December 14th12:00pm to 2:00pmKid's Sled Dog Rides - Agassiz Park, Calumet, MI
February 21st9:00am to 3:00pmLobby of UPHS Portage Hospital in Hancock, MI
February 22nd11:00am to 1:00pmVolunteer Training, Calumet High School
February 28th8:00am to 11:30amIncredibleBank Calumet MI
February 28th12:00pm to 2:00pmMusher Welcome Luncheon Calumet Theater
February 28th5:00pm to last dog leaves Calumet
Under canopy of Cafe Rosetta
February 29th11:00am to 4:00pmCopper Harbor Welcome Center
March 1st3:00pm to 6:00pmAwards Banquet, Sacred Heart Church, Calumet, MI
To be Determined Volunteer Thank you event

New this year Travel Mugs and Water Bottles

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