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Gay Coordinator - Sherry Middlemis-Brown

Sherry is returning as Gay Coordinator again. This will be the second year we run the CD25 race that finishes in Gay, Michigan.

Sherry moved to the U.P. in 1978 to take a job with the Forest Service in Ontonagon. There, she fell hard for Lake Superior and her future husband, Rob. She continued education and research on the north shore of the big lake, but realities of life tore her from the lake and moved her around the country. Employed in environmental education and management, she retained her devotion to the outdoors and her love for Lake Superior.

On a vacation to the U.P. in 1994, Rob realized that he had to get Sherry back home. They looked for land, finding a perfect spot on the lakeshore near Gay, and commenced building a home as a family project with their two children. Rob retired in 2010 and they both moved home with Sherry continuing to work remotely for the National Park Service.

Sherry remains committed to enjoying and conserving her environment. She also loves animals, both wild and domestic. The first time she volunteered at a night crossing for CopperDog in 2011, she became captivated by a silent night broken by the patter of dog feet on snow. Sherry was hooked and has volunteered every year since then. Now Sherry assists her husband and many community members with welcoming mushers and their support crews in Gay for the CopperDog 25.

Sherry harnesses her vivacious lab-mix to her kicksled and the two spend winter afternoons careening on plowed logging roads around their home with dreams of someday riding on (running before) a real dogsled.

Sherry on her kick sled

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