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Thank you Copper Country and Calumet! A successful fundraiser

The Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser held Saturday February 1st at the Elk Lodge in Calumet was a huge success. Funny thing was we had no clue what to expect. We had considerable support from our media sponsors: radio ads, live radio, the newspaper, as well as facebook but it is difficult to gauge interest and participation. The Wednesday before the race - the board members made a friendly wager about the number of attendees. Our guesses were as low as 75 and as high as 250!

This event came about through our Strategic Planning Committee. This committee has been tasked with thinking of our future, immediate and long term growth. The Spaghetti dinner fundraiser was selected as a way to maximize donations as most of the costs for the event would be absorbed by sponsorship donations. Turns out the committee made a great decision!

It started off at 10 am Saturday morning with a few of us starting the noodles and getting the sauce warmed up. Getting brownies cut and coffee set up. Our merchandise team showed up with our new apparel and our other helpers showed up at 2pm. Now we knew it was show time. 3pm they started pouring in, slow at first but let me tell you what. Our community showed up! Noodles and the homemade sauce was flying out of the roasters. At some points Rich and I had a hard time keeping up. Good stuff though! 6pm came about and we had just two cups of sauce left when 2 to go’s came in at 6:02pm. Success!!! We ran out of everything and served over 275 people who paid. We served another 15 helpers so we are calling it 300. I know the math doesn’t add up but with all of the taste testing leading up to 3pm, I am perfectly confident that we hit 300.

Our community is the best!!! Reflecting yesterday during the Super Bowl I was unable to stop thinking about the support that our community gives the wonderful event. From our volunteers to our different community’s that continue to show support blows my mind. They just keep showing up every year! From the sign up on the website for volunteering, coming to and filling our volunteering training, standing at road crossings till midnight and later, putting up snow fence, being one of the 4,000 that show up down town Calumet Friday night for the start, showing up to the Saturday human dogsled race, showing up to our finish and finally enjoying our volunteer appreciation. I have a hard time even typing this about our community without getting a bit misty eyed.

CopperDog150 loves our Community, you are truly the best!!!

In the next news item on the fundraiser we will list all those wonderful people who made this event possible.

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