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Race Judge - Lyle Ross

Lyle has been in mushing in some sort of capacity for over 25years.  From Running many races over the years to supporting races in an official capacity or just volunteering.  Lyle has been a race Judge at ithe CopperDog150, UP200, Taquamanon.  Lyle was the Race Marshal at the Iron Line for three years.

If there is any advice that Lyle would like to give mushers it would be that after you have decided to hang it up to volunteer at races to share your knowledge.  He believes that with all of a mushers knowledge of running dogs and knowing what to expect could help a road crossing, the start of a race or even a finish.  He's like mushers to know that volunteering back to these races could make all the difference

Anyone who knows Lyle knows that he's a kind and fair guy who likes to give you a hard time.  He will listen, give you great advice and coach you to the finish.

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