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Friday Night Food at the CopperDog

Food at the CopperDog150 Friday Night

The CopperDog150 is pleased to welcome back our food vendors who helped make last year's CopperDog150 so much fun. The DogFather and Baby E's will be located in the area near Oak Street and 5th Street.

The DogFather

Vollwerth’s Hot Dogs served on Randalls Bakery Buns
Greg and Tracey Alessandroni
(906) 201-2481
The Boss - $3.00 or 2 for $5.00
A Plain Dog ~ You’re the Boss ~ Add your Own Ketchup, Mustard, Sweet Relish, & Onions
The Corleone - $5.00
A Dog topped w/Chili, Cheese, Frito’s and Jalapeños
The Goomba - $6.00
A Brat topped w/Kraut, French’s Crispy Onions, & Sweet/Spicy Mustard
The Fredo - $6.00
A Brat topped w/Chili, Cheese, & Cheetos
The Cindilini - $5.00
A dog topped w/Kraut, Onions, Jalapeños & Sweet/Spicy Mustard
Hot Chocolate - $2.00
CopperDog Menu Sheet
website: The DogFather on Facebook

Baby E's BBQ

(Served with 4oz slaw - put it on the sandwich!) Pulled Pork Sandwich $7
Creamy Cole Slaw $3
BBQ Smoked Beans $4
Mac ’n Cheese $4
BBQ Nachos (chips with cheese sauce, BBQ beans, and Pulled Pork) $9
Chili-Mac (Mac ’N Cheese topped with our hearty chili) $8
Chili (midwestern style red chili - top w/ cheese, onion, jalapeño & sour cream) $7
Bottle Water $1
Hot Chocolate $3
#1 - KC style, bold and savory
#2 - STL style, mustard w/ vinegar kick
#3 - Sweet & Tangy
#4 - Eastern NC vinegar sauce
CopperDog Menu Sheet

The Matador

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