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What's a small town race to do?

Every day brings new and unexpected challenges when planning an epic event like the CopperDog 150 sled-dog race.  This year has certainly not been the exception.

When we learned that we would not be able to borrow fencing from the local university (because the fencing is in use for a ski race) for the downtown Calumet start, there was silence around the board table. The silence was not surprise because the downtown start requires almost 1 mile of snow fence to enclose the starting chute on 5th Street; this was a serious hurdle to overcome.

What's a small town race to do? 

Well, the only the we could.  After researching all of the options, downtown Calumet Start Coordinator and Director of Main Street Calumet, Tom Tikkanen said, "Well, we're just going to have to build our own."

A last minute board vote by e-mail approved the $2,000.00 of materials necessary to build the fencing system. This is a large amount of money for our limited budget, but the idea of having our own fencing was exciting. One less problem for next year. If we could solve just one problem a year, future races should get easier to plan and execute.

Yesterday after work I stopped by the garage where David Rhealt was hard at work cutting and drilling the lumber that will eventually add up to almost a mile of fence support.  One of the great things about working with people like Tom and David is you know the job is going to get done and done well.

Why is the snow fence so important anyway?

It really comes down to control and safety. Watching these mushers start downtown is very exciting, but its also a competition. The fencing help the dogs see their path and not be distracted by all of the spectators hooping it up for the race teams.

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