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Snowmobilers and the CopperDog150

The CopperDog150 is very fortunate to be able to use the world famous Keweenaw snowmobile trails for much of the race course. These State of Michigan DNR snowmobile trails do not get closed for the race. We are guests on the trail system and are very grateful that it is shared with all the snowmobilers who come to visit our peninsula.

We secure permission from the State of Michigan to use the trail system for the weekend of the CopperDog race each year. We also obtain written permission from each land owner of any property that is part of the race course. Some of our great sponsors are snowmobile dealers and/or rental businesses that have embraced the race. The race course is extensively marked and snowmobilers on the trail are aware that the race is occurring. There are two lead snowmobiles and two sweep snowmobiles that mark where our dog teams are on the trail and act as a warning to others.

We have gone to great lengths to try to inform all that visit the trail system that the race is occurring. Maps of our race overlaid on the DNR trail map with the times that the sled dogs will be on which section of trail are passed out to all local gas stations, hotels, and businesses that cater to snowmobile tourism. We have worked very hard to establish a good relationship with our visitors.

Many in the snowmobiling community eagerly await race weekend and bring their families to watch the race out on the trails. The CopperDog has become an event for all to share and enjoy!

Our Trail Crew in Action

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