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Asst. Race Director - Maddie Harrer

Maddie Longpre-Harrer was born in Laurium on tax day, as she likes to tell people, April 15th 2003. She is a busy young lady. In school she participates in Student Senate, Pep Club, JROTC, she volunteers in a 1st grade classroom, and so many more things. At the age five she got her first taste of CopperDog when her parents Amy and Doug volunteered for a road crossing and followed the race around. Year two and three of the CopperDog Maddie would hang outside of the CopperDog board room listening to them talk about the race and wishing she could somehow be a part of it. Sometimes she would even fall asleep on the couch outside the board room.

Year four was when it all began for her. Her dad decided that it may be a good idea for her to come along on Sunday morning to ride along with the race to the finish. The reason her dad decided on taking her along was because Maddie was putting in the time and was seen at just about every event the CopperDog had put on. Year five Maddie began riding along for the entire race with her Dad and Race Judge Lyle Ross. She was given the hard job of keeping them both in line at just the young age of 10. When Maddie turned 11 she mentioned to her dad, Doug, that she would like to be the race director some day. Of course her dad said that something like that could not happen until she was 18 or older but Maddie was determined to work towards this. Maddie has continued to work hard to understand every aspect of running a race. During the 2018 race she had heard about the day money in memory of a special part of her CD150 family. Maddie sent a message to Race Director Foss and asked if they had a plaque for it or anything other than the check to present. When she found out that they only had the checks Maddie went to the CHS woodshop teacher, designed the plaques, picked out the wood, the size, and carried those with her through the race.

This year 2019 Maddie was asked by Race Director Jeff Foss if she would consider taking charge of the CopperDog's newest race, the CopperDog 25. Of course Maddie was beaming! That part of her dream of taking on more responsibility with the CopperDog had come true. Not only does she still have to keep her dad Doug Harrer and Lyle Ross under control and on task but now she gets to do something that she's dreamed about for many years. In this sport many kids want to be a musher or work with their parents in handling their team but not Maddie. She's one of the crazy ones who wants to run a race and be with her dad! This is all driven by the bond that she has formed with all of the people running the race and the love that she has for the mushers. Maddie will also tell you that she feels that her Musher, Vet Staff and CopperDog family is some of the best friends that she has ever had. This bond is why she does this! Maddie grew up around this race and continues to stay. She plans on being the future of this race in the many years to come.

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