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Community Coordinator - Tony Laidlaw

Tony Laidlaw grew up in Grand Rapids Michigan. In high school he decided to go to college for full time ministry and moved to Pennsylvania and attended Baptist Bible college. In college he met his wife and started a family. He also developed a passion for the trades and spent 15 years as a cabinet and fine furniture builder. In 2009 God called Pastor Tony to come to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and work with First Baptist Church of Calumet, as well as Gitche Gumee Bible Camp of Eagle River. Tony and his family fell in love with the Keweenaw Peninsula, and the culture of the people who make this such a fantastic place to live and raise a family. He spent 3 years working with Gitche Gumee before moving to a full time position at First Baptist Church. He is now the lead pastor of First Baptist in Calumet. "As a pastor here in Calumet, I desire to see our community experience God's blessing. I pray for that. I pray that God will pour out His blessing on Calumet and Laurium and it's surrounding communities. Any time that something healthy and good is happening in our community, I'd like our church to be a part of serving it. Shouldn't the church be at the center of community enrichment? Shouldn't the church want to see it's community experience God's blessing? That is why I want to be involved in Copper Dog! I think it is good for our community and it's people. And I want our church to be a part of serving that!" Last year was Pastor Tony's first year serving Copper Dog, and he was in training under the previous Community Coordinator. Connecting with people is something that comes natural to him, and he looks forward to serving in this way as Community Coordinator again this year.

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