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2021 CopperDog Race Changes Announced

Hello CopperDog Race Fans!

Due to the pandemic there are many changes that will occur this year that we want to share with you:

Friday evening start will happen in Eagle Harbor with only one race.

There will be no other events or fireworks Friday night.

CD150 Race Format: 8 dog/10 dog pool & 111.1 miles

Friday: Eagle Harbor – Copper Harbor

Saturday: Copper Harbor – Copper Harbor

Sunday: Copper Harbor – Eagle Harbor

CD25 Race Format: 6 dog & 14.4 miles

Saturday: Copper Harbor – Copper Harbor

No additional events are planned before, during or after the race.

We are encouraging race fans to follow the race online. Details will be announced in February.

Volunteers, mushers, and others in attendance must adhere to the COVID safety plan set in place (available online),

The race trail will be mostly in the woods with minimal crossings.

There is no guarantee that the race will happen.

All changes were made with the input of the communities involved, both past and present.

Parking will be very limited and no open warm public spaces will be available in either community.

All merchandise will be sold online.

We appreciate all of you for being a part of CopperDog through the years. Changes were made for the health and safety of our volunteers, mushers, officials and community members. We truly hope this is a temporary change for the race and appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time in history.

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